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Taking Care Of Moccasin Shoes

Posted by lhudsonther52 on November 16, 2012 at 4:45 AM

Moccasin shoes are made of soft leather, sheep skin or deer skin. The soles of these shoes are soft and the upper part of the shoes has some design for beautification. These types of shoes have been used in US and Europe for a long time. You must use these shoes with great care if you want to use them for long time because they are sensitive and can be damaged quite easily. Just following a few simple tips can help you use your moccasin shoes for long time.

All types of moccasins are very delicate, but leather moccasins are especially vulnerable to stains and dirt. Just make sure you have cleared all the stains of the shoes. Otherwise, these shoes won't look clean and tidy. This also makes future cleaning of the shoes easy and ensures the long life which helps you in saving money on shoe shopping.

Soft soled moccasins are usually comfortable and supporting. But you should refrain from using them on hard surfaces like concrete. These shoes are not for spending a lot of time in parks and parades. Concrete floors can decrease the life of soft soled moccasins. Instead, you can go for hard sole moccasins for your leisure trips to parks etc.

Moccasins that are made of sheepskin need to be cleaned with lukewarm water. Hot water should never be used to clean moccasins. Sheepskin moccasins can particularly get hard and may become useless if you clean them with hot water.

Moccasins should not be used in the rain in first place because water damages almost every moccasin. So, it is a good idea to avoid using them in rainy seasons. Suede moccasins are especially vulnerable to water as they get damaged easily.

It is also better if your leather moccasins are warm when you clean it. This is because cold leather do not soaks up the cleaning agent. On the other hand warm leather soaks up the cleaning substance quickly, so you can easily clean them. Don't be hard on your shoes while you are cleaning them. Rub the cleaning agent gently to make sure your shoes do not get damaged.

Moccasin shoes should only be cleaned with the help of a quality cleansing agent. Do not forget to clean the sole of the shoes. You can make your own mixture for the cleaning of these shoes. You can use bee wax and mink oil to make a smooth mixture. Heat the mixture for few minutes and apply it directly on your shoes.

You can also a good quality saddle soap to clean smooth leather moccasins. You can get different types of soaps in the market. Follow the instructions given on these products to get best results.

Refrain from cleaning your moccasins with cold water. Use a piece cloth and a good cleaning agent to wipe the dirt from your moccasins. Put your pair of moccasin in an open area for drying and never put them in a drawer because it would just ruin their shape.

All these tips can help you get the best out of your moccasins.

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